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So it's only supposed to happen with saved profiles? Anything I can do about it? It might be tied to sleep somehow too, because when I put it to sleep after this happens it won't come out, it freezes so bad the reset button doesn't work. But then when power off and on the sleep works fine.
I am getting the same problem as well! I ended up just delete create driver and stick with 2.1 :(

The only difference between my setup is yours is that I am using Nvidia HD audio driver
We will need more information about your system to try and help troubleshoot. Is it boot looping, running for 5 sec...  shutting off, repeat?

Complete system specs...  What you are connecting to?

On-board video, from a video card, what port, using what cable to xx monitor, display?? That supports what resolutions?? 

If its high density RAM, I wouldn't invest hoping for success.  If 8GB modules (same spec) are supported, then chances are it could work.  I'd stick with RAM on the QVL to avoid risk and the headache. 
What kind of case is this?  Are you certain the connectors are matched correctly to the headers on the board (2.0, 3.0)?  PIN configuration matters as well.  Some cases have plugs where the PINS in the plug don't match the header on the board.  <<< USB 2.0...  3.0 always matches.     

Do you ever see an error in the System Tray..   This USB Device Could Perform Faster....  ???

What does Device Manager show?  Any issues there.  Do you hear the detection sound when a device is connected?  Is it dropping off during a large file transfer?? 

The bus should be robust enough to handle multiple simultaneous connections.  However, if the PIN configuration, connection or power draw of a device (example) is high, it could cause other ports to drop off unexpectedly.  Using powered/unpowerd hubs can cause issues too. 
We've heard of this happening before when people have set up Profiles either in BIOS or Easy Tune and abandon them.  Sometimes they return unexpectedly.  As far as them happening on their own, haven't heard this from others. 
As of now, Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB 2400Mhz DDR4 CL16 Red - BLS16G4D240FSE is not listed as supported in official compatibility list.

Will it work on this board?

Hey im having issues with my mobo too! but i dont get any video i dont know why. i tried everything, switch every memory stick that i have, but no post at all =(
I wan't to share the cause of a Windows 10 freeze issue on my PC. I have discovered on the Windows Reliability Monitor (or event log) that all Creative Audio drivers versions provided by Gigabyte and Windows Update are broken on my configuration. I found on logs some Creative dll crash and that Windows do not correctly shutdown.
The only way to manage this issue at the moment it is to disable the default Windows Fast Startup  (with this function Windows store the runtime kernel on to the disk to speedup the boot).  In fact it seems that Creative Drivers are not compatibles on my PC with this function.
I also discovered that HDMI audio driver provided by recend AMD drivers are not compatible with these Creative drivers so I'm avoiding to update HDMI audio drivers via Crimson custom setup.
I have opened a ticket to Gigabyte support and 2 new Creative drivers versions was published on the Gigabyte support site in the while but both have different bugs.
Anyway with my work around I didn't experiment any other freeze/crash and the event log it is now ok.
Do you have similar issues? 
Thank you, just I don't understand why they didn't write "preferibly 19-24 Volts, but also 12-19 Volts" or something similar.. what does it mean "12/19-24 volt"?!?
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