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I don't work for Gigabyte.  Just an end user like yourself. 

For this support, you are looking at a new MB, CPU and memory...  can't be done for under $150 euros..  (Unless you find it used)

Don't know what kind of m.2 you have (brand, model, spec)

You are looking at a platform upgrade either way.  While I recognize your budget, there just isn't enough wiggle room to move gracefully to m.2 support which is why I recommended standard SSD.

I'd open a ticket requesting RMA.  You may get an updated BIOS which is likely the problem.  Open a case and see what they say.  Be sure to include all troubleshooting steps you performed.  They might have other options. 
Don't know if you work for Gigabyte, but can you help me for find a new motherboar Gigabyte that is compatible with my hardware? I want change it for install an M.2 Hard disk. No overclock and no gaming Max 150 euro. If you can help me, thanks :)

My hardware is:
GIGABYTE GA-P55-UD4 (Intel Socket 1156)
Intel Core i7 LGA1156 i5-860
Radeon Sapphire HD 4770
RAM: 8 giga OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Platinum
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: GA-Z270-Gaming K3 fan sensors
« Last post by haxzion on Today at 09:00:24 am »
Already tried it with just the cpu fan connected and still it happens.
After wake cpu fan value disappears from any monitoring tool and it spins at full speed...

I have a spare SSD i will clean install Win10 and bios reset again.If this keeps happening can i RMA the board?
My PSU is quite old, so I'm going to replace it. (6 years)

I also wanted to disable these options just to have less devices consume resources.
That shouldn't be a problem causing such an issue.

GA-Z270X Gaming 7 (F5 BIOS)
i7 7700k 4.6ghz
Corsair LPX 4x8GB 3200mhz
Samsung Evo 960 1TB
Asus strix Geforce 980ti
No other peripherals.

With those specs...  (i7, 32 GB ram, SSD & 980Ti...  I can't see how you would be worried about resources :)
Its an old board and most if not all of the drivers written for this chipset ended with windows 8.  If your Device Manager is "clean" you're good. 
In most cases yes. (intel platforms).  Also available for download in Utilities.  Its basically a traffic shaping software utility.  If you run the MB CD and select "Install Everything"...  you get a whole bunch of unnecessary stuff that loads itself at start up and increases boot times.  Much of it borders bloatware (IMO), but some of it is useful.     
Start with just the CPU fan connected to the CPU_Fan header.
In BIOS Load Set Up defaults.  F10 to save and restart.

Enter BIOS again.  MIT > Smart Fan 5 Settings
Monitor > CPU FAN
Fan Speed Control > Normal
Fan Control Use Temperature Input > Do not change
Temperature Interval > Do not change
Fan/Pump Control Mode > Auto
Temperature > Displays the current temperature of the selected target area.
Fan Speed > Displays current fan/pump speeds.
Temperature Warning Control > Disabled
Fan/Pump Fail Warning > Disabled

Only change what is needed for the machine to start (nothing more), then F10 to save and exit.  Allow windows to boot.  Now restart (warm boot) after the desktop loads, put the machine to sleep.  Wait 10 min and wake.  What are the results?   
Never even heatd of cFOS Network Accelerator Utility. Is it included in Gigabyte's installation disc?
Motherboards with AMD processors / Re: AB350M-Gaming 3 Hyper-V
« Last post by tj82 on Yesterday at 11:21:08 pm »
It's already in the bios. (certainly F4 version I suspect all revisions)

But it's not obvious.

It's under the advanced CPU options and the feature is called SVM. It's disabled by default.

I've turned this on for my Ryzen 1600 and HyperV now installs where as before it stated it was off in the chipset.

hope you already found this, if not perhaps this will help someone else.
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