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I reported this to Gigabyte a few days ago and now have recieved what i would term a generic reply:


What is the motherboard model name? GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming or GA-Z270X-Gaming 7?

Please try to reset the CMOS -
1) Disconnect the power cord from the power supply. Remove the CMOS battery (the flat silver disk) from the motherboard. Leave it out for a minute or two, then replace it and power on the system. The BIOS settings should have been reset, allowing the computer to boot.
2) Go into the BIOS - “Load optimized default”
3) Save settings and exit.

Before CMOS clear document all your preferred BIOS settings (i.e. the settings you have changed from the default setting).

Check the XMP Profile is working. "

So i have replied that i am not happy with the reply and that F6 bios is the issue here with XMP profile enabled.
Wow thats great to see that response by Gigabyte. It seems we are finally getting there. Lets hope its fixed in the next BIOS update!

I have linked Gigabyte to the thread also many times and am waiting to hear back from them with an update...

Keep us all posted guys! A fix soon we hope!
RMA and service / Z68x-UD3-B3 boot loop
« Last post by moose on Yesterday at 04:52:36 am »
Last year i got a boot loop after changing some settings in the bios (latest beta UEFI)...

I cleared CMOS, removed battery, did the trick where u hold power then flip PW supply.

I almost got the backup bios screen but then it boot looped again... so i bought a new mobo

Is there a fix for this? I heard of reprogramming the bios chip or shorting the board somehow.
Graphic cards / Re: GTX 1070 G1 gaming card fan issue
« Last post by haxjoker on Yesterday at 02:32:32 am »
We are claiming warranty for this and returning to seller
GA-Z170X-Gaming 6 - F22 BiOS - 3200 Ram Stuck at 2800

After updating the bios to F22 I am no longer able to get memory to work at 3200. Even when selecting manual or XMP, it shows 3200, however when boots it shows 2800. I had no issues before. Any help would be grateful!

I had basically the same problem with the F22 BIOS on this board. I was able to set XMP, and OC my processor, using the same settings as the F21 BIOS, but then the PC would end up with a BSOD from a variety of failures. The solution is to reinstall the F21 BIOS and stay away from F22.
We have no idea what problems / issues you are experiencing.   

To say simply that an OS build is not compatible with your board or drivers is a very broad and general statement.  It could be that your hardware (system configuration) is having issues with something as part of the build?

Also, just because someone said your board / hardware / system is not compatible doesn't necessarily mean its true.  This should be further investigated.   

Are you running Windows Insider and Preview builds?  If so, I'd disable this feature and stick with certified releases while bugs and inconsistencies with new features are resolved.   

Motherboards with AMD processors / Re: Gigabyte AX370n Gaming k5 VRM temp
« Last post by niceswap on May 24, 2017, 04:01:49 pm »
Yes! The highest temperature for me was 72 ° C, and mobo failed. Changing the distribution of the fans in the semitrailer does not change from 50º to full load. I'm going to follow that topic to see what temperatures are typical ...
Over the past week, I was getting Windows Update Error 0x80240439 and I consulted forums and Microsoft technicians numerous times. Finally, after much frustration (and many, many unnecessary clean installs), a level two technician told me that the Windows 10 Creators Update is incompatible with the motherboard's drivers.

I'm wondering if anyone knows when the GA-H81M-DS2V motherboard will be (if ever) compatible with the Creators Update. Thanks.

EDIT: I can confirm that the rollback to Anniversary worked.
Motherboards with AMD processors / Re: Gigabyte AX370n Gaming k5 VRM temp
« Last post by niceswap on May 23, 2017, 09:47:41 pm »
Yes! The highest temperature for me was 72 ° C, and the mobo failed. I will watch that topic...
Thank you for answering!
Motherboards with Intel processors / Z170X Gaming 3 rev(1.1) Boot problem
« Last post by z170Sach97 on May 23, 2017, 09:23:54 pm »
Hello everyone! :)

I've been having a problem with my board since 3 weeks ago. Every time I turn on my computer, no image is displayed. I wait 5 seconds and my pc reboots, just as it can happen once, many reboots can occur. The other day, after a reboot of my pc, when I turned it on, it started to restart about five times and showed me the following message: "Boot error failure".
I disconnected the cpu, the gpu, the memories ram, which by the way are the Kingston HyperX X2 (8gb) 2133Mhz. Then, after restarting my computer, and i´ve plugged of the CMOS, after that, my bios showed the following: "BIOS HAS BEEN RESET".

I have updated mi BIOS 5 times (F21).

By exploring options inside the bios and modifying some parameters, I noticed that when igniting the changes that had previously been made are not saved.

I hope someone can help me, as this problem makes me tired. Excuse me for my English, I'm Spanish speaking. Thank you all for reading! :D

Si alguien habla en español, puede responder por aquí :)
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