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AX370-Gaming K7 bios limitations

AX370-Gaming K7 bios limitations
« on: March 18, 2017, 06:27:21 pm »

I have noticed with the latest available bios F3b, that the vcore does not go higher than 1.4V, even when set to higher values, e.g. 1.45V.

Also, with any adjustment of the ref clock, the board will not boot at all. 100MHz is the only working setting.

Is there a new beta bios available to try which is not on the download page yet? Thx.


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Re: AX370-Gaming K7 bios limitations
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 10:23:07 am »
I've come on to check the forums.

The BIOS you're using is a BETA bios, there is a note just under the download table that says:
What is a BETA?
BETA describes a new version that is reliable yet may not include all the features of the final product. During this phase we are previewing new features and gathering customer input to insure our product provides the best experience possible.

As such there are quite a few bits missing. I've been waiting for a new BIOS also, but Gigabyte seems to be putting more effort into BIOS releases for the Gaming 5 motherboard and less into the Gaming 7.

In some other news I have read that AMD has released an update to the AGESA microcode that it supposed to enable better support for running faster memory (which may or may not affect the processor increases seen with faster RAM due to the CCX link being tied to the RAM speed).
CCX Interconnect tied to memory speeds - eTeknix

AMD released the information on the new yesterday, I saw it on Overclock3D here:
AMD reportedly released new AGESA Microcode - Overclock3D

If the article about the AGESA microcode is true, Gigabyte will probably be putting it into a new BIOS and testing it before releasing it. They may hold off releasing any BIOS they have been working on until this point, meaning a little wait before we get anything.

Hopefully someone with knowledge of what's going on in Gigabyte may be able to pass on some idea of what's happening.