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New F24 Bios for GV-R487D5-1GD (HD 4870) fixed all of this cards problems :)


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I've been emailing Gigabyte technical support for some time regarding driver incompatibility with these cards, and also trid to flash the bios of them to the Asus bios which wouldnt work.

Then when I flashed them back to one of the older Gigabyte bios's, I lost shader support for a while and many of my games wouldnt load up :(

The initial problem was that no drivers except the ones on the instalation CD would work with these cards in crossfire.

I spotted the new F24 bios that was released at the start of this month, flashed both cards, and now I have crossfire working as well as every game and no more incompatibility with the Catalyst 9.5 drivers :)

Bios is here:

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Thanks for the info, man.

I also had similar problem with one of the older gigabyte vga but never tried to do bios upgrade in vga, thought it could be too risky & complicated comparing to motherboard bios upgrade.

BTW is bios file taken from :
the same as from your link ?
I just wonder if Gigabyte puts the same files into UK server like into the one from Taiwan
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Meh. They arent overclocking too well anymore. They run fine at 750 / 4400, but even just +5 MHZ on the GPU gives llockups and driver freezes in furmark.

Never mind, they are good enough at stock, and I'll be gettng DX11 cards next year. I only overclock for benchmarks, but wont be getting much higher scores then other people now :(.


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Overclocks aren't gauranteed on any card, except if it is factory overclocked. Although 5Mhz sounds a bit of a bummer :(
At least, when you get a DX11 card you will see a bigger performance jump :P
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