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Title: Update Re windows 7 installation + win8
Post by: Ben on November 03, 2012, 10:13:39 am
Hi Dm,

Okay this is an update for installing win8, in my last post I had migrated from win7 to win8 ev without any problems as you probably saw.
So when the chance to get the paid edition of win8 I jumped to it as it was only a few $s. As my ev edition was already activated I assumed that all I had to do was install a new serial number, yeah right, this is after all Micky soft we are talking about, why would they make things easy, welcome to Freddy's nightmare, after I had paid my $$ the program did a compatibility check, what?? now why would it do this when I had no problems with the ev edition??.
So after it did it's thing it told me I had some issues?? me? & that some programs would not run, eh? I then let it install itself into my system, then it asked whether I would like to keep all files & personal folders or do nothing, define nothing, so I decided to go for the former, maybe I should have went for the latter, after it was all up & running I discovered that all my shortcuts lost their links, most of my programs did not run, Office 2010,Cyberlink programs, Coral programs, just to mention a few ( about 15 programs I had to re install). It would have been easier & quicker if I just formatted my HDD.
Even my software programs for my sound & video was stuffed, it has taken me 4 days to get my machine back to working order as I had to delete all my now dead files clean out my registry, plus attempt to re link my shortcuts. I still can't get my new beaut windows media to recognize my DVD let alone any video files I have, tried some fixes via Micky soft but to no avail, so I am using Power DVD & Divx to see my videos. So please explain to me why could they not have just given me the new key for my win8 instead of having to re install everything, as my system was working perfectly with the ev edition?
I am just glad that I have most of my programs backed up in my secondary drive plus on DVD or I would be stuffed, I even had to find all of my licences for my programs as they would not run without them.

So there you have it, isn't computering fun I mean if it was easy it would be boring right?

Title: Re: Update Re windows 7 installation + win8
Post by: absic on November 03, 2012, 10:37:30 am
Hi Ben,

like you, I too have been running Windows 8 for sometime without issue and decided to go for the new licence as it is being offered so cheaply at the moment.

Yep, the upgrade assistant did the same thing to my system, suddenly, from out of nowhere, certain programs now appeared to have "issues" with the RTM version.

Unlike you, I decided to go for the keep nothing option but, and it is a big BUT, you can't easily do a clean install with the license that Micros**t are selling. I tried and got an invalid license message. I had to install a previous version of windows (I used the trail version of 8 for this) then do the upgrade. Now, there is a workaround so you can do a clean install of the OS using the upgrade licence but it involves a couple of registry tweaks that not everyone would be happy to do, but it works and gives a clean system. Upgrading with the keep files & personal folders options is a pain in the a**e and seems to cause more problems than it solves, so I won't be doing that again, anytime soon.

So far, the only real software incompatibility issue I have run into with Windows 8 has been with Alcohol 120 which is surprising as it ran fine in the evaluation version of Windows 8, so obviously something has changed here, Daemon tools works fine so I can't explain what it is.

Still, as you say, if computing was easy it wouldn't be so much fun.
Title: Re: Update Re windows 7 installation + win8
Post by: Ben on November 03, 2012, 10:48:42 am
Hi Absic,

So damned if you do & damned if you don't, so you went the "do nothing" option, you rebel, I still don't understand why they could not have left well alone.

 But then that is their prerogative I suppose.

Have a good day.


Title: Re: Update Re windows 7 installation + win8
Post by: Ben on November 09, 2012, 08:24:34 am
Hi again absic,

I think I had the same problem with win7 when I had an evaluation copy, the ev copy ran fine but had some issues but not as major as the win8 ones when i went to purchased copy.

I see you use the old 'Alcohol 120' I used to use that many years ago, I now use' Blindwrite' also 'DVd Cloner' & 'Im TOO blu-ray Ripper',

I would love to know what changed also & if anyone knows the reason, real strange.

Off note, cleaned out my computer yesterday couldn't believe the amount of dust was in my CPU cooler, worst part was I had to remove the side fans from it what a pain,plus one of my Ram sticks had to be taken out as it was in the way of one of the fans, but now she is running sweet.

All the other fans had some dirt on them also so just used a cloth & small brush to clean them.

Have a good day.