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Title: 790xta-ud4
Post by: busared on January 20, 2010, 01:17:41 pm
fited this board all sorts of problems. in bios set up hard drive detail not avaliable just tells me the name and gross capacity i.e 203gb,250gb 500gb. sees all sata drives (which they are) as slaves or master . does not see correct info for ddr3 memory ,timings etc. if i make any changes in set up it refuses to load os(windows 7 home premium 64bit) can only get operational using opimised default. unable to alter anything . have tried resetting cmos.makes no difference. phenom2   965 black edition 3.4 ghz, 4g ocz platinum, ati 4890 graphics, 750w modular ps, hope some one can help else its baqck to asus. cheers