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Title: Not happy with RMA and warranty service
Post by: degli on March 10, 2013, 10:10:26 pm
Hello Gigabyte,

I recently had a problem with my motherboard (GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3) after installing a new video card (NVIDIA 560 Ti). The motherboard would not POST and removal of the video card and all other unnecessary hardware didn't alleviate this new problem.  Scouring the internet results in hundreds of posts where people report the same no-POST problem resulting from various catalysts.  I had never overclocked, removed the processor, or abused this computer (I say this to show I don't feel I caused the problem) and was now set back by having no home machine.  Following the directions of your website, I then waited for Monday (unfortunately had this problem on a Friday night) and called the support phone number rather than immediately request an RMA.  This support technician who answered the phone was incompetent in any technical manner and was unable to provide an troubleshooting or helpful advice.  I realize this is an issue that he may have no way to provide support for, but his only go-to support line seemed to be "submit an RMA".
Title: Re: Not happy with RMA and warranty service
Post by: degli on March 10, 2013, 10:14:12 pm
Apparently tabbing posted before I was ready: 

Three weeks after submitting my RMA I received this email:

Dear Valued Customer,
We appreciate you being patient with us.
We have finished testing your GIGABYTE product(s) and it is (they are) being returned back to you.

No information what so ever! The motherboard arrived and I went through the process of ripping apart my machine completely, trying out the returned motherboard (same board I submitted) only to find the exact same problem.  So thank you for wasting yet another day of my time instead of telling me you did nothing.  I'm planning to call Monday morning yet again but I get the feeling that GIGABYTE doesn't provide good customer support (notice I'm not even demanding fixed hardware, I just want better communication as a starting point).
Title: Re: Not happy with RMA and warranty service
Post by: Regan on June 11, 2013, 05:48:55 pm
i think this is not a good sign for the image of there company