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Title: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: Oxezz on April 10, 2013, 03:43:03 pm
Hello. I need a bit help OC my fx 6300 (motherboard GA-990XA-UD3 rev 3.0 - 750 watt PSU).
The default cpu clock speed is 3.5Ghz i want to reach 4.0GHz also the fx 6300 with turbo technology enable can run at 4.1GHz, i just want stable cpu clock speed.
So.. My question is, what i have to adjust/disable from bios in order to make it work on 4.0GHz, i should be able to run at this speed with the stock heatsink since it design for 4.1GHz;
Something last.. I got a heatsink from my old cpu amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ (like this ( i dont know if fits i didn't tried out because i was scared damaging my new motherboard, i would appreciate if someone tell me if fits or not.

I forgot to say my cpu temperature at idle is 15-25°C and under load 40-50°C.
Title: Re: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: DarkstaR on May 31, 2013, 02:27:04 am
You only have to raise the ratio multiplier to 20x and adjust the cpu vcore to 1,35v with llc on regular and enjoy it  ;D
Title: Re: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: SylentCommando on August 24, 2013, 06:38:15 am
I just bought the Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 motherboard and the AMD FX 6300 CPU, and I have having problems overclocking. I have disable all power saving options in the UEFI bios, and running on auto voltage, and llc is on normal and at 4.1ghz just like the speed with turbo on, and one core fails. I thought it would be stable at auto voltage at 4.1ghz since turbo goes up to 4.1. Also how do I find the stock voltage for the FX 6300, so I have a place to start at before having to up the voltage? and also with llc what do the different setting do they is normal,high,ultra high and extreme? I am clueless lol. Its been awhile since I have used AMD cpu's and a lot has changed in the bios. I feel ashamed to ask for help, I feel like a noob. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: DarkstaR on September 24, 2013, 11:47:09 pm
Stock voltage on fx-6300 is 1,35v @ 3,5ghz and the best way to overclock your vishera is to disable turbo core which raises stock voltage to + 0,1v --> 1,45v for 4,1 ghz... Most of common people who have this cpu set llc at normal (about + 0,05v) and raise vcore to 1,40v @ 21x200 either 1,45v in real conditions... Of course each cpu has not the same capacities for overclocking either through voltage settings or frequency ranges... For my case i have an 8 core fx-8320 @ 3,5ghz @ 1,35v stock and i've decided to practice undervolting: the settings are: llc on normal, vcore on 1,25v and frequency at 19,5x200 and all is stable... I think that very high frequencies are meant to be for benchmarks as even at stock speeds 6 cores and 8 cores fx cpus are efficient...
Title: Re: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: SylentCommando on September 25, 2013, 12:49:35 am
Thanks for the reply DarkstaR. So you think I should start @ 1.35v and stress test and then up the voltage slowly? or just set @ 1.40v and start from there?Also the llc has many options normal,high,ultra,extreme. I just wasn't sure on what to use to get the highest overclock. Sorry for all the Questions it been awhile since I have overclocked a AMD CPU.
Title: Re: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: DarkstaR on September 25, 2013, 03:48:44 pm
So i've just raised my fx-8320 frequency and voltage in order to be at 20x200 @ 1,275v turbocore off and cool n quiet on 24/24 !!  ;D
Yes you should start at 1,35v and try to overclock slowly for example: 18,5, then 19x200... then 20,21x... if your rig isn't stable just raise slightly the vcore of your cpu but i think you shouldn't overcome 1,40v turbocore off as it's far enough and high...As you can see i've succeeded in reaching 20x200 @ 1,275v turbocore off on my fx-8320 but unfortunately cpu stress test on occt made my pc reboot after 10mn !! so i've juste went down to 19,5x200 in order to be stable as i prefer practising undervolting for the health of my cpu and 3,9ghz is enough for me...
Title: Re: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: SylentCommando on September 25, 2013, 06:53:20 pm
So you think 1.40v is the max I should go? or 1.45v max? also what does everyones set the llc to normal,ultra,extreme? I just wanted to know what the extreme and ultra setting were for. Also gigabyte is weird with the voltage settings. I am used to asus motherboards where you can choose from a list of voltage settings or manually enter in voltage. How long do you suggest to stress test 24 hours? I normally just use prime95 and let it run for 24 hours to see if its stable. I haven't used OCCT before.
Title: Re: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: DarkstaR on September 25, 2013, 09:19:17 pm
As i told you you should begin your cpu overclock at 1,35v by only raising the multi/ratio... let's begin at 18,5 and then up each 0,5 always at 1,35v...when you are satisfied make a stress test with prime 95 or orthos 2004 or occt (free) and thirty minutes are enough to see if the rig is stable... If you really want high frequencies raise the vcore at 1,375v and 1,40v with llc on regular/normal but don't go above as you mistreat your cpu... ;D
Title: Re: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: SylentCommando on October 10, 2013, 05:41:04 am
I was just confused with the many options in LLC. I am use to ASUS motherboards where you can manually enter voltages, and not offset. I uploaded a picture of cpu-z with my settings. It crashed with OCCT something to do with vcore.

In Bios Cpu Vcore goes from 1.356v to 1.368v.and in windows CPU-z shows 1.368v - 1.380v

Cpu Vcore +0.075

Load line calibration + 100%  Normal.
Title: Re: Overclocking FX 6300.
Post by: DarkstaR on October 10, 2013, 10:48:25 pm
So i've just seen your cpu-z screen and i think that all is normal as 1,38v for 4,1ghz is reachable on vishera chips... so i've noticed that we have the same mobo but i've the older version with standard award bios and your 3.0 revision comes to you with the uefi bios so there are maybe a few things that can be changed...on my rev 1.1 the llc settings are: auto>regular(normal)>high>very high>extreme high... and i set it on regular it's enough whereas auto disables llc... so let the vcore at 1,35v or sooner 1,375v llc on normal but disable the turbocore it's better !!
So 1,375v with normal llc should give you through cpu-z 1,40v-1,415v under load when o'ced at 20,5x200... make several researches on google as when reaching high frequencies: 4,2-4,3 and more, vcores are often set by users at 1,475v and more which is too much high for me...