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Title: Motherboard G1 Assassin faulty after the electric power comes back
Post by: murbarron on August 02, 2013, 02:17:25 pm
Hello guys,

This is the second time I got a problem with that motherboard G1 Assassin. The first time was when I bought it from and it had 2 bent pints. After I sent it to Gigabyte, it got fixed and everything was fine. I was playing the other day on my pc, the electric power went off, I removed the power cable, plugged it back in, and the pc didn't start.

The PSU is working perfectly fine, everything is fine with the CPU and GPU, but the motherboard indeed seems faulty. It just crashes when you power up the pc and stops working. I am currently in Bulgaria, but dunno if that's something that could affect it somehow. My PSU is Corsair Gaming Edition 700GS, so I thought it should've taken the hit but it didn't :(. I really love my mobo and it's a shame it went down this way. It's still in Warranty( I have another year and a half). I just wanna ask is this covered by the RMA policy?

Kind Regards,