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Title: Mobo doesn't carry settings into Windows
Post by: grizzard on October 25, 2013, 08:06:53 pm
 Sorry .... posted in the wrong place before.

I have Gigabyte's Z87X-UD3H mobo with a  F7 bios running an Intel cpu i5 4670 and it doesn't seem to carry the cpu settings I apply into Windows according to Cpuz and OCCT.  I ask for 4.6 or 4.5 (with all the other appropriate settings) and I only see 4.2 or maybe 4.3 displaying in those apps UNLESS when I'm in Window7  enviroment I use Gigabyte's TweakLauncher and set core and uncore in it.  Then I go back to Cpuz and my settings show up correctly.  So I know my system is capable.  I suppose I could just launch TweakLauncher each time but why won't the bios correctly set my input???  I erased, reset and loaded optimized settings numerous times but it doesn't make any difference.  Maybe I should go back to bios version F5 ??   It is confusing .... any ideas I can try?