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Title: Gigabyte's "Force M7 Thor" Gaming Mouse -it's Good.
Post by: scjet on February 20, 2014, 12:32:20 am
 For "half" the price of a comparable  Razer, this is an excellent (usb-wired-laser) Mouse, for gaming,....

Now, if only Gigabyte would attach a moe pliable-braided-style of wire, instead of that hard-plastic crap, and make it a bit longer please. Also, a little-bit more "weight" would make it perfect, but then again, I'm getting very used to the feel of this, so maybe the weight's not that much of an issue.
-works great in Win7-64, and Linux. Haven't tested it FreeBSD yet, but I' hope it'll be fine.

Other than that, I'm extremely happy with this mouse, and it's great (hardware-dpi) spec's, especially for it's price.
...anyway, thankyou Giga for this, 'casue we ALL know"Razer's" are waaaaay overpriced for wat-u-get, these days, not to mention Razer's crappy "synapse" spyware-software-Driver stuff ?!  :(

PS: USB to me is meant for storage transfers,..., and of course, in my world, a good PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse was better for performance, and still could've been, all that we ever needed, for a Desktop,..., but hey, that's another subject. ;)