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Title: Out of warranty service
Post by: Airost on May 02, 2014, 07:35:58 pm
What is a chance of having my motherboard serviced. It's out of warranty and today just won't post anything. All parts are checked with my mates PC and are ok except motherboard.

Model: GA-EX58-UD5

There is a little power button and light is on. Even fans don't start on power button (the one on motherboard and one on outer case). Seems that it has an issue with power.

How much cost service to get it fixed? I'm not interested to have it fixed by some cowboys that offer service and they just put parts in baking oven. I want have it done professional. I can't believe it let me down today. Gigabyte usually works for ages and they always stable. :/

If it matters I still have a box and everything what was included.
Title: Re: Out of warranty service
Post by: absic on May 02, 2014, 07:39:38 pm
Probably the best thing to do is contact Tech Support for the UK here: explaining your situation and they can advise you on if it can be done by then or not.
Title: Re: Out of warranty service
Post by: Airost on May 05, 2014, 09:10:48 pm

Dear Sirs, My motherboard won't power on since this morning. Won't work on power button on motherboard and won't work on power button on outer case. Tested and all parts works fine on different motherboard. Power button on motherboard has blue light on. It's out of warranty and my question is what is a chance of fixing it rather than buying a new one? If you do service parts how much it would cost me and how long it takes? Regards    5/2/2014 7:52 PM


Dear Sir,

As you are aware the board is out of manufacture warranty, sorry but we are not able to repair the board due to spare parts shortage.


Just for people to be aware, such a huge company and they short on parts, they advert "Ultra durable" motherboards which stops working after 5 years...

Any idea where I can fix my motherboard in the UK? Looking for a guy who knows what he is doing not a cowboy