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Title: Why the power supply is bigger than the Gigabyte itself
Post by: MarioColuzzi on April 07, 2015, 01:07:52 pm
Hello forum,

I have just bought a BRAND NEW Gigabyte GB-BXI5-4570R Mini-PC Core i5 (4570R) to which I have added 16GB RAM and 1TB HDU.

I have to admit that this small bugger is fast, really fast . . . what annoys me BIG TIME is the external power supply.

Why on earth the external supply has to be bigger than the PC itself and weight almost half its weight? Furthermore why the engineers haven't thought to insert it inside the chassis? Make it a bit wider would not mind, as well as using ONLY ON CABLE . . . . no external PSU

Furthermore DC out 19Volts 4Amperes . . . . really???? How much power this box does need?

Honestly should I have seen it before purchase I would never ever ordered it online from one of your authorised re-seller.