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Title: EZ-Tune's Auto-Tune hosed my Windows 10
Post by: mhjeff on November 22, 2015, 12:28:28 am
Today I used Gigabyte's EZ-Tune to overclock my system. I chose the "Auto-Tune" setting and let the software test and reboot my system. In the end, it determined that my system would be stable at 4.7Ghz, a 17% increase from the CPU's 4.4Ghz defaults.
I then did a full shutdown of my computer and did a cold restart.
When my system got to the Win10 lockscreen, I had no mouse or keyboard functions. Changing USB ports made no difference. So I pressed and held the power button to shutdown the computer, but as soon as the system powered down, it automatically restarted. I thought, "Hmmm, that's weird. It's never done that before". This time when it got to the lockscreen the mouse and keyboard were working and I signed in to Win 10, but about 30 seconds later, my system locked up totally. As I was reaching for the power button, it shut itself down automatically, and restarted itself again.
I let it do a full start and it did it again, so I assumed, that my system truly does not like this overclock setting, so as the computer was rebooting I manually entered the BIOS and did a "Load Optimized Defaults", and reset things in my BIOS to the way they were before the overclocking endeavor.
I should be able boot normally into Windows normally now, but I was shocked that my Windows 10 is still locking up right after I log in to Windows and it's automatically shutting down and restarting.
What's going on? Is my Windows 10 install hosed somehow?

Motherboard: GA-Z97X-UD7 TH
CPU: i7-4790k 4.4Ghz
Memory: Crucial Tactical Ballistix DDR3 1600 32Gb
Graphics: EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2Gb
Title: Re: EZ-Tune's Auto-Tune hosed my Windows 10
Post by: TFisher on November 22, 2015, 11:20:27 am
You could try resetting cmos. With power off, remove the mother board battery for a few minutes.
Put it back in and restart. Go back to bios and adjust to your liking.

I have never heard anything positive about "Easy Tune".