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Title: Gaming 3 Z97 no overclock higher than 39x will save
Post by: intrepid3d on December 03, 2015, 01:22:13 pm
something strange going on, it seems no matter what i do it will not go past 3.9Ghz. after setting 4Ghz in the BIOS it boots into Windows at 3.9Ghz, go back into the BIOS its set for 4Ghz but running at 3.9, i even tried by setting 1.27v, it still wouldn't do it.

So i went into the desktop Easy Tune, set it to 4Ghz and it worked, tress tested in Real Bench for 15m @ 1.22v, temps reached 49 to 52c.

I saved it and set to keep the overclock on reboot, once rebooted it had gone back to 3.9Ghz again, in Easy Tune core 1 had turned yellow like it does when you adjust the multi, it was set at 39x, strangely the other 3 had remained red and at 40x.

I don't know what is going on.