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Title: Coil whine after GPU OC.
Post by: Theodore on November 17, 2017, 12:24:13 pm
Hi. I tried some OC on my Gigabyte gtx 1080 g1... i set my gpu clock at + 150 mhz, memory + 625 mhz, gpu volt + 100%, power limit + 8% and temp limit + 9 c. It's didnt crash though i was getting some artifacts while playing ROTTR. Also i didnt see any improvements, in fact FPS was lower from when at stock speeds. I reapplied the OC mode and leave it there with the factory settings. After that i noticed that my card was coil whining, not much but it is fairly noticeable, i dont know if the coil whine was there before or if i damaged anything on my gpu after the OC attempt. Are the settings i tried too high to cause any damage? Is it possible to deal any damage to the card using the Gigabyte extreme gaming tool? plz help if you can. Despite the coil whine the card is performing the same as before´╗┐