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Title: Warranty troubles
Post by: fma on April 25, 2018, 10:34:52 am
Long short story:

# I bought an open box G1.Sniper A88X in July 2016 (3 years warranty) from Emag (Romania) that worked pergect with my 6800k till:
# Some like 1 month ago the motherboard suddenly quit boot
# I sent it to them official service company (Depanero), and after a while Ive got the resolution "refund". Could sound Ok, but with all honesty I don't need money, I need motherboard. At buying time was a good deal, now with that money I can buy an I/O shield (Im joking :)).

I have all the stuffs (invoice, warranty, service file, etc), can pls somebody guide me how to contact Gigabyte, maybe they will help me because I really cant afford to change the whole setup?
Title: Re: Warranty troubles
Post by: fma on April 27, 2018, 12:55:28 pm
Update: Ive contacted Gigabyte, anyway, long story here:

Is the second time Im facing Gigabyte RMA. Each time they had a biblical attitude (washing my hands) to not fulfill them commitments. They are claiming 3 years warranty based on SN for video cards, 3 years warranty for motherboards. This are pure slogans, I will tell you what in reality means this "3 years warranty", and what cheap subterfuges are using:

Due my job profile Im travelling a lot and Im living "part time" in USA, part time in Europe (Romania).

#1 In 2014 I bought (from Netherland) a Radeon HD7970. In 2016 it stop working. I tried to RMA it in Europe, they were asking me the original purchase proof (that of course, I no longer find it - mea culpa), and trying to RMA it in USA, they are saying "Was bought from Europe". So, despite the card was in warranty according with serial number, they "washed them hands" like would be a product made on whatever Chinese ship.

# Like previous lesson was not enough, I bought an open box FM2 Gigabyte (seems Im idiot :)) motherboard (duh, assumed to be a high-end product). After a bit more of 1 1/2 years, of course it died. I contacted the merchant and they couldn't fix it and offer me a ridiculous amount of money (probably enough to buy an I/O shield, not a motherboard).
I contacted Gigabyte, exposing my problem, explaining that I cant afford to change the whole setup, and all I want is a motherboard as replacement for the dead one. The answer was astonishing "take the money and buy another motherboard" that will cost me at this time 3-4 times the money im getting. Can anybody believe that Gigabyte don't have any FM2 motherboard available? Honestly I cant believe this, they just pure and simple DONT CARE. They want just our money for (most of the time) dubious quality products throwing some dust with "3 years warranty" in customers eyes.
By difference? Try GSkill, Intel, Corsair, NZXT, EVGA, etc, they NEVER ask you proofs of purchase, papers, etc because they are PROUD OF THEM PRODUCTS based on high standards of quality.

Last and final thought, why I don't wonder that BBB rating of Gigabyte company is "F"? Just we didn't have eyes to see that and take it like a serious warn to RUN!