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Title: Why did Gigabyte neglect the AORUS forum before killing it altogether?
Post by: Fierce Guppy on June 08, 2018, 11:14:45 am
The forum looked pretty slick when I first visited it.  That was soon after I bought an Aorus 1080Ti Xtreme 11G.  Why did Gigabyte abandon the forum to spam posters?  It was left without any moderator for about a year and just fell into ruin before Gigabyte decided to pull life-support.  Asus has its own problems, but at least it has inculcated a strong community culture around the ROG brand.   Gigabyte appears disinterested in forging the same around the "Aorus" brand. I don't know why Gigabyte management would think killing the Aorus forum is to the company's advantage.