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Title: Games freezing or crashing
Post by: Thug on July 18, 2018, 05:36:06 pm
System: Gigabyte X99 UD4 mobo, Gigabyte 1080 card, 16gb Crucial Ballistix ram, W.10, no overclocking, all latest drivers, 2 monitors, PSU Corsair RM850.

Been playing Wreckfest for several weeks without issue until last week when it just froze on any screen and showed artifacts. I could still move the mouse and hear clicks but nothing on screen would happen until i shift/alt/del out of it.

I then tried Call Of Duty WWII, which crashed showing a DX_HUNG message (or similar).

I then tried Battalion which just crashed to desktop with an error message 'Battalion has crashed'.

I have also tried VR (Oculus Rift) which just stutters and wont do anything.

Things i have tried:
I have tried both monitors.
Reformatted all my hard drives and put W.10 on again (effectively starting from scratch).
Tried unplugging all my HD/SSD and replugging them back  in.
Took all componants out, vacuumed and blew out PC and reconnected everything again.
Tried with everything disconnected except my kewboard and mouse.

My mobo has lights on it and i have noticed that only the lower half of the board lights work and the upper are all off (not sure if significant).

It works great in 2d desktop and web surfing, its just when i try and run any games it crashes (and only the pas tweek or so).
Any ideas what could be causing this?
No sure if it could be the mobo or the GC?
Title: Re: Games freezing or crashing
Post by: shadowsports on July 19, 2018, 04:42:45 am
Have you updated the BIOS recently?

Since no OC...  Suggest you rollback to an earlier version of the graphics driver.

Next this I would suspect is the RAM.

Confirm its on the QVL for your board and class of CPU you are using.  Broadwell or Haswell
Title: Re: Games freezing or crashing
Post by: Thug on July 19, 2018, 06:21:03 am
Hi Shadowsport and thanks for reply.
I have tried 3 different drivers.
I have not updated the Bios (sure its still on F22, but might be wrong).
I have just tried to remove my Ram to eliminate that.
Sorry, I don't know what QVL mean but my memory has BLS4G4D240FSA.M8FADM wrote on it that I cant see on that list (there is very similar, but with a G on the end instead of M like mine).
I cant remember what the CPU is (poss Haswell) but a system information shows
Name i7-5820K CPU @3.30GHz
Model Intel64 Family 6 Model 63 Stepping 2
Title: Re: Games freezing or crashing
Post by: shadowsports on July 19, 2018, 03:37:28 pm
You have a Haswell-E processor
You've tried 3 different drivers (helpful)
BIOS rev is fine
QVL = Qualified Vendors List.  This means the RAM was tested by Gigabyte and certified compatible with its board.  In general, its best and safest to use QVL RAM.
You should test the memory using Mem-Test to ensure its not problematic or defective.
Re-read your manual and ensure you have it installed in the correct slots for dual channel mode
PC-19200 (2400) Mhz requires a slight OC.  This is usually handled by the BIOS XMP profile, but if the RAM is not supported, unexpected behavior can result.  I couldn't find your memory on Crucial's Website.


Do you have XMP Profile enabled?
If so, disable it and try setting the memory timing and voltage in M.I.T section of BIOS manually.  You may have to do a bit of research to find out what the correct timings and voltage are.  Then retest.

Your issue is likely related to your RAM.  It does not appear to be compatible.  Other possibilities are overheating GPU, and weak or faulty PSU.  These types of issues don't appear until the system is under load, but I'm more inclined to think RAM at this point.
Title: Re: Games freezing or crashing
Post by: Thug on July 19, 2018, 07:14:02 pm
Hi Again.

I have used this same PC for around 4 years (mobo, cpu, psu, memory) and my 1080 since I purchased it in 28th June 2016 without any issues up until a week or so ago.
I am not a heavy gamer as i am a middle aged family man working 12 hour shifts (so don't have time).
So not sure if its the Ram not being compatible as such (although i guess it could have developed an issue i suppose).
Speaking of ram, the ram test worked fine and actually showed them to be  BLS4G4D240FSA.M8FAD
Title: Re: Games freezing or crashing
Post by: Thug on July 19, 2018, 08:11:33 pm
Ran a memory test and it didn't come back with any errors.

I spoke to a guy in a PC shop today who offered that i could take my 1080 in there to put on their test machine, so doing that tomorrow.
Title: Re: Games freezing or crashing
Post by: shadowsports on July 20, 2018, 02:55:46 pm
Didn't know you had 3+ years of solid performance.  Good you tested the RAM.

So RAM tests ok
You've completely cleaned out your case
Also tests 3 versions of drivers
You've not made a BIOS change

~Card and power are next.  I have an 850RM too, its bulletproof.  Do you know what kind of temps the card is seeing when the system crashes or freezes?  Try to capture this for comparison before you put the card into another system.   
Title: Re: Games freezing or crashing
Post by: Thug on July 21, 2018, 06:24:24 pm
The card wasn't really going over 63 deg or so, so not ever worked at all.
My case has good ventilation and my CPU is water cooled, so not much ambient temp in there.

However, the PC Shop tested my card in their test machine and it crashed each time they tried a game or a bench tester.
Tried a different card in my PC and it was fine.

I am in the process of speaking with the company I bought it from to RMA it and was told it will be sent to Gigabyte for them to also test and either repair or exchange.
Its all a waiting game.

Thanks for help, its much appreciated.
Title: Re: Games freezing or crashing
Post by: shadowsports on July 22, 2018, 05:13:11 am
Good work on the troubleshooting.  Not the news you were hoping for, but at least you know what's wrong now.  Hope you can get repaired or replaced quickly.