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Title: Windows 10 crashed GA-H81M-DS2, while Linux does not.
Post by: Matthew Wai on June 03, 2019, 06:14:16 am
In 2018, Windows 10 crashed my GA-H81M-DS2 repeatedly. For details, see
On January 1, 2019, I replaced Windows 10 with Linux Mint. Since then, Linux has not crashed my GA-H81M-DS2.
Are there other GIGABYTE users who have their motherboards crashed by Windows 10?
Title: Re: Windows 10 crashed GA-H81M-DS2, while Linux does not.
Post by: shadowsports on June 04, 2019, 03:30:48 pm
Glanced at your other thread.  You have nothing which is definitive, but appear to have a stable system with another install or OS.

What does that tell you?

>Software, hardware or combination of the two

Install, Driver, Update, BIOS setting or combination of all.  We can't speculate and neither can the people in the other thread.  I will say one thing however, I don't think you need to replace your CPU and RAM as one person suggested.  Your system is running, right.  No problems with Linux. 

Some software / hardware configurations don't work perfectly or well together.  A manufacturer cannot test or certify every scenario. Was your windows install from scratch, or did you migrate from the failed Asus MB?

Your issue is described as a "malfunction".  What is that exactly?  Did you review the Event Logs for additional/possible error information.  Was the behavior consistently reproduceable?  Every time I do A, B, C, (these steps), this is the result?

What troubleshooting steps did you try or perform?  There are so many unanswered questions.  Which only leaves people with the ability to guess.  Not a reliable way to help. 

If you don't have the windows install any longer, its pretty much a mute point.  You have nothing to reference, and no way to troubleshoot or reproduce the issue.  All you can hope for is conjecture or speculation.