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Title: Gigabyte Z370 HD3 Bios update F14
Post by: Backlit on March 29, 2022, 03:03:04 pm
Hi - Has anyone updated the bios to F14 (Major vulnerabilities updates ) on this board.
If so have you had any problems with it.
Can it be done through Q-Flash as normal ?
Many thanks
Title: Re: Gigabyte Z370 HD3 Bios update F14
Post by: dmdilks on March 29, 2022, 05:46:36 pm
You having any problems with your mother board. But if you are not having any problem then there really no need to Update the bios.

Just remember every time you update the bios. You have a chance to run into problems you didn't have before. No I'm not telling you not to do it.

If you want to do it just download the bios put it on USB flash drive and use quick flash. One other thing once you update it you can't go back to a older one.
Title: Re: Gigabyte Z370 HD3 Bios update F14
Post by: shadowsports on March 31, 2022, 02:16:49 pm
I have the HD3P running F5.   As you can see, none of my systems are running the absolute latest BIOS that might be available.

Notable enhancements (F14):
IRST updated
Future BIOS' will support NTFS: Add NTFS format support for Q-Flash
Addresses memory compatibility
Security fixes

I am not saying that CPU microcode vulnerabilities are insignificant or should be ignored, but in many cases, the exploits require a level of system access that someone "outside" wouldn't generally possess, making the probability of being compromised extremely low.  This and what dmdilks mentioned regarding not being able to go back would make me reluctant to upgrade unless I was trying to address a specific issue or add support for something necessary.  If you upgrade to F14 and something doesn't work (the way you want), you would be stuck there.  F14 is also the first release after several beta iterations.

If you are experiencing an issue (one that is addressed) in F14, then upgrade.  If not, there is no need to do so.