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Title: Intel 6 series chipset issues - Q & A
Post by: runn3R on February 08, 2011, 10:13:45 am
Q: What is the problem with Intel 6 series chipsets?
A: As explained by Intel®, after a period of usage the SATA 2 ports 2~5 on motherboards based on Intel® 6 series B2 stepping chipsets may experience decreasing performance. This issue applies to all motherboards based on Intel 6 series chipsets from every vendor. However, it will not be an issue for systems that connect to the SATA 3 ports only. Intel® announced this issue and stated that they stand behind their products and are committed to product quality in the following online “Alert for Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets and Intel® Xeon® C200 Chipsets users” ( which was released by Intel, Jan 31st, 2011.
Q: What models have been affected by this issue?
A: All GIGABYTE P67/H67/P65/PH67 chipset motherboards with B2 stepping 6 series chipsets are affected. All other GIGABYTE models based on other chipsets are not affected, and GIGABTYE continues to be committed to the highest product and service quality standards.

Q: What action should I take if I have already purchased a GIGABYTE 6 series motherboard?
A: Firstly, please determine your computer setup. No action will be needed if you only use the SATA 3.0 ports. If you are using the SATA 2.0 ports, then there are possibilities that the device’s performance will decrease after a period of usage. To ensure the highest standard of customer support & services, GIGABYTE recommends that all customers who purchased GIGABYTE 6 series motherboards contact their local dealer (retail store where you purchased the motherboard) at the end of April for a motherboard exchange. GIGABYTE will provide an equivalent new motherboard replacement.


Q: What is the GIGABYTE swap policy for GIGABYTE 6series motherboards?
A: GIGABYTE will provide a replacement motherboard with the new 6 series chipset onboard at the end of April in order to reduce any inconvenience to our customers who are affected by this issue.

Q: What is the SOP for GIGABYTE 6 series motherboard exchange?
A: At the end of April please take your 6 series motherboard to the same store where you originally purchased it. If the product is not available at that time, please leave the series number and your personal contact details with the store and wait for further notice.

Q: When will the replacement be available?
A: According to Intel’s production plan, the 6 series B3 stepping chipset will be available by April, 2011. GIGABYTE will produce and ship replacement motherboards according to Intel’s chipset shipping schedule.

For further information or enquiries regarding GIGABYTE 6 series motherboards, please contact your local place of purchase or visit the GIGABYTE website at

To help our customers optimize SATA performance on their 6 series mobos, GIGABYTE has created an easy to use utility called the GIGABYTE 6 Series SATA Check (,4382.msg34341.html#msg34341) that tells you if the SATA ports that you are using are in fact the affected Intel PCH SATA 2.0 ports.
Title: Re: Intel 6 series chipset issues - Q & A
Post by: steved54321 on March 14, 2011, 07:48:42 pm
Hi runn3R,

The website Anandtech posted an article in regards to the recall.

The author of the article mentioned they asked Gigabyte if non-working boards could be returned and the answer was yes.

2) Any Gigabyte 6-series B2 motherboards that have already been sold will be accepted back for replacement with a B3 board, regardless of condition. I asked Gigabyte if this meant that non-working boards could also be returned, Gigabyte said yes - all eligible 6-series models with B2 stepping chipsets will be accepted back.

Is there an official article stating thta non-working boards regardless of condition can be returned to the retailer?
I'm stuck in a situation where the retailer is not taking the B2 recalled board because 2 pins on the socket are bent.
They need proof from the Gigabyte website or something offiial from Gigabyte stating this.

If you could help I'm sure this will add value to people in my situation.

Thanks so much,

- Steve
Title: Re: Intel 6 series chipset issues - Q & A
Post by: runn3R on March 15, 2011, 10:14:10 am

Thanks for PM. I am not so sure about the policy in Canada but I will reply you by PM asap, probably later today
Title: Re: Intel 6 series chipset issues - Q & A
Post by: kaly422000 on November 04, 2012, 06:58:37 am
me from india . bought a basic motherboard   H61M-DS2 (rev2.2) recently. the system  has 4gb corsoir ram  500gb hdd and local low cost power supply(450 watt). it has a booting issue. some time  on start it show fisrt dual bios uefi header ,instead of gigabyte logo and system stops and then restart again. there 2 instance of stop and restart when this problem happen and then finally boot.
this problem  occurr occationally.
is it a bios problem