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Title: Windows 7 Question
Post by: OzBo on August 09, 2011, 10:32:35 pm

I am asking here because I suppose all laptops and netbooks come preloaded with the same software so maybe somebody else has this problem.

In the Windows Explorer toolbar there is an icon for "open" and it looks like a generic icon for "exe" files. It has been like that from the very first day. Strangely though it is OK with shortcuts to exe files.

It looks like that if you scroll down a bit (this person must have had the same problem):

Has anybody noticed this and have you been able to fix it?

I wonder if it is Norton. Some people say it can mess up icons, I don't know...

I did rebuild the icon cache both manually and with a program, but the generic icon is still there, even after installing SP1 (sometimes installing a SP1 can solve such problems, as I have noticed with old computers...)

Anyway, thanks for your input!  :)