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Title: Lan Optimizer v1.0.17 (realtek)
Post by: TechFreaK on January 06, 2012, 12:04:31 am

First of all Im sorry if this is the worng place, but i couldn't find anything more suitable.

Lan optimizer is great tool it helped with my online games, but there is a slight performance impact when its enabled and running in the background. It affects ram speed a little, but nothing serious ~ 100Mb lower, what bothers me is that there is a  bigger performance issue by CPU L2 cache.

As seen on attached pictures, by 1st picture LAN optimizer enabled, by 2nd its disabled. I'm suspecting Lan Optimizer's build-in real time cpu monitoring usage tool as the main cause.
Also it disables all NIC checksum offload settings (ipv4, TCP, UDP) and large send offload (ipv4) as well. Is this some kind of internal thing that it works better this way? 

Now my suggestion is, can I expect any improvement or is this the final version.

Thanks in advance :)