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Title: sumo 5115
Post by: Dohiyi on February 09, 2012, 10:50:28 pm
oops wrong section plz move to chassis section

Hello i got this great case at 2009  and its the best case i bought .

but a while ago i upgraded my gpu   and i had this incidence  :

( (

( (

in my opinion this is a factory defect from the perfect sumo 5115 chase
there was no reason what so ever that they were lazy enough not to
put screws on those metal covers , i looked in a site and the guy was smart
enough to remove them and switch to tips on the terminals  like i did now

as the main metal lock will only close down on the covers if there is no cards installed  .  
am saying this because it almost cost me the lose of my dear  6870 card
man i love this card with some oc to my cpu  it seems impossible for  any game out there to laid my system back .  but that metal bar fell  on the top of power color 6870 card and it caused a short circuit   damaged the  upper  DVI connector . it is my good luck that the 6870 has  x2 DVI connectors
for dual monitors .. so i switched to the lower connector and went back to normal but this will surly effect me when i sell this card because
i must say to the buyer that the upper DVI  link is damaged . and i cant go back on AMD warranty because its Gigabyte fault  

plus i think it would have been  a real terror for the new  amd cards buyers
as the new amd cards  are costing more than 450$ and those cards
have only one dual DVI  connector , and it would be the end of that card .

TBH  i know that is  in an industry like this its not logical to keep up with every detail   and i know i have no legal rights against Giga   :-\
but i just want you guys to know  that if i  did have a legal right i would definitely  demand a  new gigabyte 6870 card .

 have a nice day .
Title: Re: sumo 5115
Post by: Dohiyi on February 10, 2012, 08:26:48 pm
no  refund ?  haw about we are sorry then dear customer ?  for frying  your vga  with  bad placed metal covers ?   
am about to purchase a new pc  and i was thinking my gigabyte  mb/vga/ and case ..

 am a real emotional person and i would just turn to amd simply  if i got ignored    here with 1000s of gigabyte buyers watching

also haw are we supposed to clean the front fan? i had to disconnect  it .