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Title: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: impenetrable09 on March 14, 2012, 09:41:05 pm
Hi. I installed new 960t to my mobo and i unlocked one coreand overclocked to 3.2 mhz without any adding voltage and with prime 95 6 hours everything was normal. After i closed my pc and reopened and i saw on bios "system experienced boot failures because of overclocking. Last settings in bios setup may not coincide with current H/W states" and when i closed pc or sometimes restarted i saw this thing and also my pc got slow specially on opening and sometimes one second freezing on windows. Also in bios before when i try to change coltage it was warning me about voltage not optimized but now it quits.i also checked my hdd with hd tune and graphic card with furmark also tried cinebench, frybench and 3dmark testes and nothing was wrong. and before this cpu i had athlon II c3 450 and i never experienced this kind of problem. Maybe when i unlocked core bios doesnt know my cpu after o./c.??

Motherboard: Gigabyte 880ga-Ud3h

Memory: Kinsgston ddr3 1333 4gb X 4

Gpu: Msi Cyclone power edition o./ c. hd 6850

Cpu: Amd phenom II 960t 3.0 mhz

Power: High Power 600w

P.s. : Sorry for my bad english :)) I hope someone can really help me :((
Title: Re: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: Dark Mantis on March 15, 2012, 08:02:53 am

Firstly I would suggest checking to see if your processor is supported by your BIOS that you are running. If it isn't you will need to reinsert your origianl CPU and flash the BIOS to the latest version.
Title: Re: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: impenetrable09 on March 15, 2012, 09:31:08 am
Thank you for answer.

 My mobo is rev 2.1 and amd 960t is supportedby F7 bios which one i am using rgiht now. But actually problem is when i unlocked my processor seems as 6 core and normally in gigabyte site for my mobo F7 doesnt support 6 cores. So for testing it i tried beta version F8i and it was awful even i couldnt open pc with unlocked cores :SS Also today i realized that when i open my pc i dont have problem but when i close my pc and take off power cable and after reopening my pc i see that error about "system experienced boot failures"

Title: Re: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: Dark Mantis on March 15, 2012, 09:37:15 am
Doin't forget that just because there are extra cores often they have been locked for some reason during manufacture. Sometimes you can be lucky and they or at least some of them will work ok. This isn't always the case though. Gigabyte does seem to set the bar for unlocking these hidden cores somewhat high to be fair.
Title: Re: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: absic on March 15, 2012, 09:58:44 am
The F8I BIOS for your motherboard actually removes the core unlock feature so don't use that if you want to unlock the cores use F7.

As DM has said, unlocking the cores is not guaranteed and sometimes strange things can happen when you do so. I'm not sure if you can but, instead of unlocking all the cores can you unlock just 5? It might take a bit of experimentation to find out which core (if any) is actually the weak link. Also remember, when you unlock the cores you will probably need to increase the CPU Voltage to gain stability but do this gradually as you don't want to go to high.

Also, what cooler are you using on your CPU? If it is the stock AMD cooler then consider replacing this with a better one as temperatures will be increased in the CPU.

Another area that might cause problems is your 600 Watt PSU. Unlocking the cores will draw more power from this and if it is not performing properly this can cause errors.
Title: Re: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: impenetrable09 on March 15, 2012, 12:59:16 pm
Absic i did exactly did as you said and anyway i was unlucky and i couldnt unlock all cores and i go on with 5 cores and with all tests on windows everything is fine except i got those failure message at booting. Today i will try to o./c. with closed cores 8i mean without unlocking) so i wonder will i get same failure or everything will be fine. just anyway i feel something is not allrgiht my motherboard. When i open pc when it says windows loading on my keyboard it all lights (caps lock and others) light up and closes itself like i reset my pc and after a black screen screen but i can see my mouse  and after a few seconds i see "welcome" and sometimes when windows open i get message like "voice closed on screen" i thnik it is about my hdmi connection and choose antoher voice conneciton but it says so but everything works fine. Just after i installed this cpu something is not allrgiht on my pc. but still i couldnt find the solution.

ahh and i realized yesterday that on bios my cpu voltage shows 1.450 at normal value like system optmized but when i open windows hardware monitor and amd overdrive my voltage shows 1.3 at maxso i realized something is wrong so i tried to check by overclcoking and i made my core multiplier 18 coz with that my 1.3 voltage wont be eonugh and i restarted pc and after i opened prime 95 and i see error and after i opened bios and it was now 1.30 in my optimized value. I thnik soemthing is wrong my bios. if i reset it (but i dont have any cpu except 960t rgiht now) and with q flash i install bios F7 again everything can be normal?

Sorry guys i write long and long but you know these are descrbings of my dissappoings, hopeless alone times with my not great working pc and looking for a solution in despair :)

I really hope finally i can find a solution coz you know it started to be like a war i must solve it or die :)
Title: Re: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: impenetrable09 on March 15, 2012, 01:15:29 pm
Also i remeberd now with my old cpu amd athlon II x3 450 i overclcoked it to 3.5 mhz and unlocked core without l3  but everything was fine and i never had any kind of problem. with this cpu when i try unlock wtih 5th and 6th i got blue screen but with 5th everything was fine. anyway for me disturbing part is volatge values on bios doenst work properly.
Title: Re: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: impenetrable09 on March 15, 2012, 01:48:08 pm
Guys after closing the last core i dont get any error again but still something is not like before wtih my bios. ok i am not agent murder and this is not x files but really something is mystery here and something is not alrgiht . i hope these are just my imagination. just you know i am afraid of these things are not like messenger of something more more terrible :))

thank you for your all helps:))
Title: Re: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: autotech on March 16, 2012, 05:50:07 am
Just for grins what anti virus are you using? and is your ram ganged mode or ungained, u can use cpuz to see what to change in ram timings. Post back both might be something there. sry 4 shorthand left arm surgery all is well just cant type 1 hand
Title: Re: 880ga-ud3h mainboard bios problem
Post by: impenetrable09 on March 17, 2012, 09:58:45 pm
Thank you for answer and i hope your left arm will be good as soon as possible :) about antivirus i use norton but also i checked my pc kaspersky and avg even i tried combofix and about rams they are unganged as i remeber you know for using seperately better performance. About ram timings they are 9-9-9-24. Do you really thnik if i change ram timings it can solve my all problems?? Anyway i didnt open my bios after my last entry coz you know i quit. i thnik this is like a disease on my pc without cure :)