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Title: Gigabyte Z77 G1.Sniper 3 with CM GeminII S524, VRM Clearance Questions.
Post by: Exodist on August 26, 2012, 05:25:54 pm
Hello Everyone,
New to the forums so forgive me if this has been answered. I have spent a few hours looking for this info so I hope I am not wasting someones time.
Well anyway this week I am building up a new system using the very nice looking G1 Sniper3. I am very happy to see Gigabyte move away from the childish looking heatsinks on the VRM and Chipsets. I am placing this mobo into a Cooler Master 692 Advanced Mid Tower, at 10.3" width (knock on wood) it should set into the case without clearance issues. But if someone knows if this will cause clearance issues, please let me know.

Well going on to the question I have at hand, I am looking to run a GeminII S524 downward drafting CPU cooler. I am runing an older model in my current build and its been good for years now. I also dont overclock, so anything better then factory H/S is a plus. I noticed the newer GeminII's are shifted to the side more, allowing better cooling of the RAM or the VRMs. At 47mm, will the GeminII clear the VRM heatsinks on the Shiper 3?

GeminII Link HERE (