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Motherboards with Intel processors / GA-X79-UD7 memory frequency?
« Last post by Area 51 on Yesterday at 01:14:16 am »

    Seems I cannot raise the memory frequency past 1600Mhz in the BIOS just reads 1600 ,only a slight rise with F10 when more voltage applied, XMP will not work with either profile, jacked up imc and vtt but no change, will not boot with XMP with any settings , Gskill Trident Z 2400 reads fine with memtest and runs fine at 1600, is this a BIOS problem with this board or is this memory related? old board i7 3930 but hardly used really as new? XMP does change the timings but even 2133 will not stick, anyone have any clue whats up here?I s BIOS F12f only for IB or can this be used with my processor? Thanks for any help

Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Converting from BIOS to UEFI
« Last post by TraceyW on November 22, 2017, 11:07:13 pm »
Sorry I haven't responded for so long but I forgot I had posted on this forum. I've also been busy on another forum and forgot completely about this one - sincere apologies.

As far as my message is concerned I have now done the conversion. Yes, I knew I couldn't do anything just by changing settings in the F/W but it was the settings I was worried about. As it happens I was advised not to change any settings at all since 'UEFI and Legacy' was already selected. What does bother me though is that I don't have a "Secure Boot" setting I can disable so I can boot up using a bootable CD/DVD as I understand you have to disable "Secure Boot" to do that.

So what can I do? How do I boot with a bootable CD/DVD? I've got several sorted out in case of emergency and if I can't boot up using them I shall be in a right state. Does the lack of a "Secure Boot" setting mean it's permanently enabled whilst in UEFI? I just don't know at present as I'm still learning what UEFI is all about.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Gigabyte z370 aorus gaming 7 qcode 02
« Last post by shadowsports on November 21, 2017, 03:00:39 pm »
Remove the graphics card.  Connect display directly to on board video (no adapters).  Does the behavior continue?

Please provide your complete system specs.
Motherboards with Intel processors / Gigabyte z370 aorus gaming 7 qcode 02
« Last post by chriscdm on November 21, 2017, 04:12:36 am »
I cant find a solution to this q code its a new build with a i7 8700k i cant even get to the bios. The code stops at 02 with the vga light indicator and then just repeats the cycle in a loop. Its a gtx 970 but thats working fine im using it right now on my old pc.
Motherboards with AMD processors / Re: GA-970A-UD3P failed to start
« Last post by shadowsports on November 20, 2017, 03:30:17 pm »
No onboard video with this board for testing (too bad)...

-Load set up defaults and save.  Restart, enter BIOS again and only change your boot order.  Does the behavior continue?

-What OS are you using?  Keep your current BIOS settings as above.  Disable Fast Start Up in OS Power Management.  Shut down.  Disconnect power to PSU.  Press and hold power button on the case for 20 sec.  Reconnect power.  Retest.  Result?

-Next question.  Are you using any type of display adapter between your card and monitor?  What display are you using, and how is it connected? 

If the above doesn't yield something, I would test my GPU and PSU with different hardware to see if the behavior follows.  If those test ok consistently, its probably something with the board itself.
The last 3 (170, 270, 370) chipsets have see this issue to a certain degree. Seems to be related to BIOS interaction with windows. 

Would recommend using 4 pin fans throughout the case.  Also suggest that you not set any custom fan curve profiles up in SF5 as others have reported issues when they do so.  Fans run as expected in BIOS, then runs at full speed in the OS.  The behavior changes after resume from S3 clearly indicates the problem is BIOS related.     

Motherboards with Intel processors / Gigabyte Z370 HD3 Fan Speed Problem on Windows 10
« Last post by gueritox on November 19, 2017, 11:44:21 pm »
HI, I have a Z370 HD3 Motherboard and every time I go to windows, the case fan runs full speed even if I configure the fans throught bios to silent mode; using the program througt appcenter from windows does not work; the only way that I have could resolve this problem is go to suspend mode and return to windows; when I do that the case fans runs normaly.

I have read that many people have the same problem but Gigabyte not respond anything. What could I do to solve this issue? Thanks

Bios version: F4
Windows 10 Pro updated

***The only fan that works propertly, is one that have four pins.
***The case fans works well until the PC enters to windows
***On the BIOS the case fans works well, speed is normal according to the configuration of the BIOS
Motherboards with AMD processors / Re: GA-970A-UD3P failed to start
« Last post by vag13 on November 19, 2017, 11:19:46 pm »
I checked all that, and works fine all other hardware (cpu,gpu,rams,etc.).
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Problem with Gigabyte z270-HD3
« Last post by anders on November 19, 2017, 07:04:27 pm »
It seems this is a common issue with intel network adapter driver installer. If it's listed in device manager, you can try unpack the installer and update driver manually.
Hopefully someone else will respond then.
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