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GV-N470SO-13I (GTX470) massive drop in frames for a short moment - Ideas?


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Hello all,
Joined these forums as I have begun expriencing problems with my Gigabyte GTX470 and am anxious for a solution.

I play 3D shooters and also a bit of WoW. I have begun experiencing problems in these games.
After a little bit of playing my framerate drops to 3-5 for 4-5 secs and then normalizes for some time and then drops etc.
After some investigating I found that this happened in game when my GTX470 peaked in GPU temperatures around 105-107C according to TechPowerUp GPU-Z. I am guessing these temps are way too much. System and CPU temps are ok.
So it seems to be related to some kind over overheating. Funny thing is that seems periodically and that it doesn't shut down or the like, which I think is strange as I would think I would stress the card continually when playing a 3D shooter or WoW.
I have tried all I know, updating graphics drivers, motherboard bios/drivers, sound drivers etc but with no results.
I have remedied the problem to a certain extent in WoW by runnig the game in DirectX 9 mode. if using DirectX 11 the probems occurs. In shooters it comes no matter if all graphic setting are on low or Auto.

My system is:
Core7i CPU, 2.97 GHz
Intel DX58SO Mobo
8Gb ram
Win 7 64bit

I really hope someone can offer me some advice.
Thanks in advance.