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Recovery partition on U2440 SSD?

Recovery partition on U2440 SSD?
« on: January 19, 2013, 09:47:41 am »
Just two days ago, I bought a Gigabyte U2440 notebook, and so far happy with its performance except for one thing. The SSD. Other than being used as a hibernation partition, a huge amount of the 32 GB SSD seems to be totally wasted.
Disk management screenshot:
What is this big recovery partition for, and why is it on the SSD? (A recovery parition already exists on the main HDD.) When I bought this, I was under the impression that I could use this SSD for caching. But Intel RST app is missing the Accelerate tab. (Though that maybe because there is no unused space on the SSD to use for caching.) Anything I could do about this? Thanks for any help.