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[New to Nvidia] Proper settings + other questions

[New to Nvidia] Proper settings + other questions
« on: November 20, 2012, 08:01:48 pm »
I just bought a Gigabyte gtx 660 Oc version after runnign an Radeon HD 3650 for 5 years and I dont know  how to get the best from my new acquisition.

Here you can see all the specifications of the  card

I want to have the best experience with Nvidia and I wonder what do I need to set on Nvidia control panel?

I have also installed an...utility!!?? idk..that came with the product disc called Gigabyte OC Guru.The same: is it recommended to make some changes here  or?
here is a capture with the interface

And what about this technologies from Nvidia shown here are they automatic or?

And last but not least, does this card supports 3d gaming Im confused since in this section my card is listed  while on another is not