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ATI HD4650 1GB AGP - PROBLEMS getting 1024by768 on xp vista windows7

Hi here guys,

i'm new to this forum i have a gigabyte k8ns pro motherboard and im running the ati hd4650 graphcs card withoutdrivers at the moment as soon as i install the drivers with xp vista or windows 7 i get ony 800by600 resolution working ok but when i goto 1024 by 768resolution i get distorted screen and my graphics refresh rates are very slow i cant understand wh the drivers dont work properly is my motherboard not compatible with 1gb of ddr memory the graphics is no where near working properly its just a distorted screen and cant go higher than 800 by 600 what am i doing wrong on xp i get a black screen and i dont get a pc output on the vga i have t switch to dvi to get a distorted screen again is the problem that the graphic card is not compatible with my motherboard as ive downloaded new drivers but to no avail at the moment im running the graphics card with no drivers and i get a perfect 1024by768 screen but with no speed from the graphics card this cant be right what am i doing wrong.


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Re: ATI HD4650 1GB AGP - PROBLEMS getting 1024by768 on xp vista windows7
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2009, 12:47:29 pm »
Yes, it is  old. It uses the nForce3 chipset which will be impossible to use on Vista or 7 with AGP hardware acceleration.
Unless you can find someone to reverse engineer the drivers for you,
Very difficult to really understand your post without comma's and paragraphs in,read it yourself,
If you google you will find lots of peps with this problem, and maybe find a patch to help,
Merry Xmas