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Z77X-D3H can't reach same multiplier than on ASUS - did I miss something?


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He guys,

I need your help as not so expierenced overclocker!

Recently I switched from a ASUS P8P67 Pro (had some issues with cold boot) to the Z77X-D3H.
On the Asus I could very comfortably go up to 46 now on the Gigabyte everthing screams stop when I barly touch the 44. Did I miss something obvious or is the gigabyte just not as good?

First some stats:
Processor: i5-2500k
Cooler: Corsair A50, with 2 18mm Push-Pull ( )
Motherboard Firmware/Rev: F16/1.0

When I remember correctly my vcore on the Asus was on auto and most of the time it only needed around 3.45v. Now I have to go up to 3.845 and under load it gets up to 4.04v. Which seems awful high for the mulitiplier and also like to reach temperature above >91° Celsius. Doesn't seem to good for high use.

I attach some pictures of my Mobo-Configuration (sry for iphone photo, don't use FAT disks anymore). Maybe I really did't something awfull dumb. If so please don't hestitate to tell me. Or if you need more infos.

I really would like to go at least for a stable 46, as I'm rendering a lot of the time and need a machine which can work quite some time under full load!

Thx a lot for reading all this,

Ps.: sry for my english, not an native speaker