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Problem with my brand new Gigabyte 760 Windforce x3 OC

Problem with my brand new Gigabyte 760 Windforce x3 OC
« on: July 11, 2013, 03:34:23 pm »
Hello everyone,
3 days ago my new GTX 760 arrived as a replacement for my old ASUS GTX660 Ti (now sold). Everything seemed to be going fine with the installation of my new GPU until after I installed the drivers (ver 320.49) (NOT BETA DRIVERS). After the drivers had installed, I rebooted my pc and after the Windows splash screen the monitor just doesn't receive a signal from the new GPU, it just goes into power saving mode as if my PC was turned off. So I did a hard reset, went into the BIOS and made it use the integrated graphics. From here, I checked the drivers etc and there seems to be no obvious problem. I've tried uninstalling all nVidia related drivers (except the chipset ones, but I don't think I have any of those anyways). After uninstalling all nVidia drivers, I used DriverSweeper to get rid of anything leftover then switched back to the new 760 in the BIOS. So there I was; back to the beginning. I rebooted the PC and logged back in to windows (at the point the 760 working, but has no drivers therefore is at a resolution of 800x600). I installed the drivers again, except this time I chose just to install the Graphics Drivers (no PhysX etc) and chose Clean Install....still nothing, the same problem occurs. After I reboot, the monitor just won't pick up a signal. I even tried waiting for 30mins on the off-chance that it was just configuring something and being slow- but that was to no avail. The only way the GPU seems to work with the drivers installed is if in the BIOS I choose to use iGPU as my primary graphics device, and enable Multi Monitor so my PC uses both Integrated Graphics AND the 760. I have a 3 monitor setup (1 HDTV using HDMI, 1 LED Monitor using VGA with a DVI-D adapter and 1 LCD Monitor using VGA with a Displayport adapter. So back to the point, the only way I can boot my PC with the 760 + drivers installed is to use iGPU as Primary and Multi Monitor enabled and connecting 1 monitor into the VGA on the MB, and the other 2 into my new GPU (760).

I'm sure that was quite a lot to take in, but if ANYONE has any advice please tell me!

In addition, here are my PC specs:
i5 3570k OC'd to 4.3GHz
P8Z77 V-LX
GeForce GTX 760 Windforce x3 OC (by Gigabyte)
750W OCZ PSU (Modular)
Windows 7 Home Premium
12Gb Corsair Vengeance RAM