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MA790XT-UD4P F7 bios problems with OC


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MA790XT-UD4P F7 bios problems with OC
« on: December 11, 2009, 06:47:16 pm »
i just updated my f6 bios to the new f7 bios and have had nothing but problems. my previously 100% stable overclocks are no longer stable at all. i do just a straight multi bump from 14 to 17 for a 3.4ghz cpu. my machine is 100% stable at stock speeds now with the new bios and semi stable at 3.2ghz but it screws up as soon as i start an app at 3.4ghz. once i set it to 17 multi using the newest version of easytune, not a single app will launch correctly, my sound starts to pop and crack, even firefox loads but is unresponsive and crashes. ive ALWAYS used the stock cpu voltage of 1.325v on my x3 720be without fail until this new bios. im using this ram and prior to the new bios could run it slightly undervolted at 1.8v instead of the 1.9v. im running stock 7/7/6/24 timings @ 8x ram multi with 1.8v now. with the f7, ive tried bumping up the ram voltage to 1.9v and even tried bumping the cpu voltage up slowly to 1.375v and still cant run anything at 3.4ghz which used to be perfectly stable. ive read on another forum that was linked in this forum that a guy is using the same ram as me but had to increase his northbridge voltage to get the ram stable at 1600 speeds. im gonna go try that now and report back. ive even reverted back to an older version of easytuner 6 and the previous f6 bios and still cant get my machine stable at the previous stable 3.4ghz. also when clocked at 3.4ghz with new bios, all games that do launch, the screen starts to flicker constantly and then they crash within 10-15 seconds and the sound is screwed up. the only way to get my machine stable again is a reboot with stock cpu speeds. temps for gfx card never reach 60c and cpu never hits 45c. any help would be appreciated.
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gigabyte ga-ma790xt-ud4p
phenom ii2 x3 720be
4x2 ocz 1600 7/7/6/24
radeon 4870 1gb
soundblaster x-fi titanium pci-x
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El Gappo

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Re: MA790XT-UD4P F7 bios problems with OC
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2010, 02:33:23 pm »
They did take the f7 bios back to beta and re-release it due to some quite obvious issues such as the ones you are listing. Give the latest f7 a whirl and if it is still unstable try a slight northbridge voltage jump as this is known to help memory stability. If still no then move onto cpu-nb vid, try around 1.3 and if that doesn't get it 1.95v on the ram will ;) You have ocz ov protection anyway so all should be good :)


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Re: MA790XT-UD4P F7 bios problems with OC
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2010, 07:09:26 am »
Here goes
My OC is set to 3500 stock CPU coolar and additional 6 fans
Multiplier - 17.5
HTT - 200
NB VID + 0.100
CPU VID + 0.025
Memory, Gskill 1600,9-9-9-24 - + 0.050
Rest set to default. My CPU runs hot at 68 C. Planning to switch to NH-D14 CPU coolar

Phenom II,x4,3.5 Ghz, OC 4.218 Stable
Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H rev 2.1
RAM 1600 GSkill-RiPjaws ,9-9-9-24,1.5 V, 16GB
MSI 460 GTX, 1GB
Seagate 320 GB HDD AHCI mode
H70 push pull coolar
Corsair HX750 W PSU
M59 NZXT case