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890gpa ud3h rev.: 2.0 core unlock problem

890gpa ud3h rev.: 2.0 core unlock problem
« on: December 12, 2012, 05:44:49 pm »
Hi All!
I have a problem what Gigabyte online suppor can not handle:
My problem is that I've bought a cpu (phenom ii x2 555) from my friend
because he bought an x6 and he can unlock this cpu to x4 in his asus 870 chipset motherboard!
So I bought in the ramours that I can do the same thing, but not :-(
in bios core unlock have turned on, bios is FF but I tried to flash FB,FC,FD
and core control tried on manual and auto but nothing happens!
The core boost chip is on my board I see it but it's like don't working!
Any other idea that can solve this problem????
And sorry for my english I don't use about a few years :-)