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Problem with Facebook's News Feed in my Asus tablet


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Problem with Facebook's News Feed in my Asus tablet
« on: December 20, 2012, 05:49:37 pm »
Hi all, & a Happy end of days day to you all.

Okay so here is my problem, my other half"s Asus Transformer Tablet will not show the News feed page, all she gets is a blank in the middle, it was working fine earlier this morning, but for some reason when she switched it on again she now gets a blank page, the rest of the page is okay, & the only way you can get to see the news feed is to go to each individual"s site, so either she has done something with the settings, or Face book has a problem at their end regards tablets, as it works fine on my desktop & my daughters laptop.
The worst part is my darling wife has given up smoking & (good really, health wise) now she is on a short fuse & if she cannot get her tablet to work I may end up wearing it, so I am desperate, HELP!!!!!.


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