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GIGABYTE Notebooks and Netbooks...
« on: January 15, 2010, 12:26:52 pm »
Hi All,
Yes, you have read correctly, GIGABYTE is now going to focus on Notebooks and Netbook but with a twist  ;)

Firstly, let me introduce to you our product segmentation:

TouchNote   - Touch + Notebook
These are our range of Touch Screen, really beautiful products, offering you touch-screen functionality plus a dynamic swivel panel which can turn into a table PC.
With our range of T1028 Netbook series, sharing a moment has never been easier.

Booktop      - Notebook + Desktop
Netbook option
These are our range of Booktop products which is offering you our unique innovative docking design.
Not only for business, but also for entertainment, our unique docking station will satisfy your needs, both in the office and home.
The M1022 series converts to a desktop or a home entertainment system while giving you mobility empowerment.

Notebook option
Our Booktop also offers real power.  One of our challenges is how to keep the Notebook slim with good battery life and yet offer good graphic performance.
Unfortunately, its very difficult to offer everything and usually it’s the battery life that is sacrificed for graphic performance.
So, GIGABYTE come up with a solution to this, what if we could offer you the ultimate Notebook (Slim, DVD-RW, Good Battery life, HDMI among other features), yet offer you the performance of the NVIDIA GT220 Graphics, well we can  :o
Introducing the M1305 Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Light Notebook, with the innovative docking station featuring a built-in NVIDIA GeForce GT220 GPU with HDMI, among other connectors.
Also offering you dual security, like facial recognition and fingerprint reader, and giving you the flexibility to change your DVD-RW with a 2nd battery for even better battery life while on the go.

inNote      - innovation + Notebook
Ah, our value segment, yet full of features, the Q1580 series.
Enjoy the multimedia experience and outlook in Metropolitan style.
With features like HDMI, e-SATA/USB combo port, the latest Intel HD on-board graphics and easy upgrade options (HDD & Memory), its no wonder this is our most wanted product. It’s true Value of innovation.  8)

You may be aware that Notebook/Netbook is also going through a platform change.
Very similar to that of the motherboard, where Intel is going from a 3-chip solution to a 2-chip solution.
Well, Notebook/Netbook is also going through this same change, as well as DDR3 support.

I will soon be updating this section, so continue to come back for up-to-date news.

thank you
GIGABYTE - Mobile Team
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