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The thrill of it... :p


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The thrill of it... :p
« on: January 22, 2010, 11:14:46 am »
I would like to show you our Gigabyte Booktop M1305 Notebook.
One of the biggest problem we face with Notebooks is how to keep the battery life,while at the same time, offering the performance to play games, experience better HD playback.

So, we come up with the following solution:
M1305 :
Based on Intel mobile ULV processor, Win7, DDR3 memory, 1,366x786 LCD, GMA 4500MHD graphics, 8-hours battery life, plus you can exchange your Optical Drive with a second Battery for extra battery life or simply a backup battery for when you most ned it, plus soooo much more features...

Docking Station
This docking station comes with a NVIDIA GT220 GPU built-in to the docking station.
So once you dock the M1305 notebook to the docking station, the built-in GT220 will automatically kick in, thus giving you better graphics performance, better video playback and a better Windows 7 experiance...

Oh yes, and it comes with HDMI as standard!
Price is anythng from £799 to £999 inc VAT (UK)