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GTX 670 RMA Problems

GTX 670 RMA Problems
« on: January 17, 2013, 10:51:24 am »
I recently submitted an RMA for my GTX 670 which was having significant heat problems under load without any overclocking. Obviously Gigabyte has a policy that requires you to submit the RMA to the place you originally purchased the product from so I did. That was, I submitted the RMA and was told it had been sent to Gigabyte. I then received confirmation that the card would be replaced, upon opening the replacement packaging I realised something was wrong. The card had been send in an ATI box and upon further inspection the fans had been broken off from the heatsink, this was clearly not my card or if it was someone had damaged it. I sent the card back again with another RMA, again it was confirmed and I am not awaiting receipt of the replacement.

However the replacement has been listed as a B grade replacement, meaning that it was a card someone else had returned or has missing packaging, etc. Upon querying why it is not a full replacement I was informed that the 3 year warranty does not provide for a full replacement after 6 months. I can't find any specific warranty policy on here and do not have the original documentation but this seems strange as any other RMA I have submitted has resulted in a full replacement. Should this be the case and if so who can I contact to rectify the situation, it feels like the supplier is seriously screwing me around but I'm not sure.