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Help with OC
« on: January 18, 2013, 03:30:51 pm »
Hey guys!
My specs are:

PSU: Chieftec 550W
CPU: core2duo e7200 2.53 (default clock) (factory cooler)
RAM: Mushkin 4GB DDR2 1066
MoBo: Gigabyte P31-S3G
BIOS ver.: F7a
GPU: Gainward 8800gt

I would like to get the best out of this conf and thought I'd start with OCing the CPU
My BIOS currently looks like this:

I'm not very familiar with the connection between voltage and frequency/multiplier increments...

Please give me examples of what should I try for starters as this is my first OC attempt.
For now it's 9.5 x 266 as you can see.
So would you recommend lowering the multiplier and increasing the freq?
How high would recommend me to try it?

Ultimately, I would like to run my CPU at 3.0GHz-ish with my RAM on 1066... is that possible?
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