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G1 Sniper M3 rev 1.0 & OCZ Revo 3 PCIE ssd


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G1 Sniper M3 rev 1.0 & OCZ Revo 3 PCIE ssd
« on: January 22, 2013, 03:38:24 pm »
I have just been surprised and I suppose its my own fault I have just discovered that the OCZ revo drive 3 is not supported with Windows 8 drivers.

I have just finished a new build and expected the equipment I bought to all be compatible with Windows 8 as it has been in release candidate form for some time and a purchase of equipment in November 2012 would have been compatible I thought.

It just goes to show you have to read all the specs first looks like I shall have to run Window 7 for a bit.

Which means another cost Arghhhhh
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OCZ RVD3-FHPX4-240G 240GB RevoDrive3 PCI-E SSD

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