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FX 6300 Results and Questions

FX 6300 Results and Questions
« on: January 21, 2013, 10:20:29 pm »

I just finished my AMD FX-6300 build.This in a Antec DF85 full tower.I replaced all the 5 stock fans with Antec Tri-cools,2 fans for push and pull on the heatsink,but left the 2 top 140mm fans for later date.They work.I can wait.Fans get expensive quick.I want to get a decent oc using an AMD FX-6300 and a EVGA 560TI.I plan on upgrading to a 660TI soon to complete this build.My plan is running 2 separate "os" on this gaming pc. XP Pro 32bit & Win7Pro64bit.I had to slipstream achi drivers for xp,and have this installed on a 500G WD.After I get XP configured,I plan on disconnecting this drive,and Installing Windows 7 on an SSD.I have a WD 1TB Blue that will be used for storage,and a WD 1TB Black for gaming between the 2 operating systems.I will be using Windows 7 primarily on this pc,but when xp is needed,I will boot from the bios to access xp.I did not want a dual boot.I like keeping this separate.


Antec DF85
AMD FX6300
Gigabyte 970A-UD3
212 EVO
Evga 560TI
Samsung 840 SSD 128g
WD Blue 500g 64mb
WD Blue 1TB  64mb
WD BLK  1TB  64mb
2 Lite-On DVD Burners
Corsair 750 watt PSU


It seems everyone has a different approach,with one goal.Stability and Temps.I heard the best way to oc fx chips is using the multiplier and voltage.The next key is a motherboard with a good power phase.The first thing I did was flash the bios with a non fx cpu  to F7 for fx compatibility,and avoid problems.Made sure system posted with new cpu and installed all my parts.ATM I only have xp installed with 1 hard drive connected.The first thing I noticed that fx cpu's do not play nice with temp programs.(ex)core temp,hwmonitor,ect... Core Temp shows a core reading of 5C,which is way off.I used AMD overdrive,which give false readings too,but does give an accurate reading of cpu core temp.It idles @ 18C.I also confirmed this in the bios.CPUID Hwmonitor gives some wacky readings too with fx cpus,but the cpu core voltage is correct.I verified this in the bios.Hwmonitor shows most of my cores running @6c on idle,which is false,but if you use TMPIN2 in Hwmonitor,it it accurate for cpu core temp.This was verified running prime 95,and cross referencing with amd overdrive to get max load temps.So it took a few programs together to verify the most accurate readings,and some cross referencing to make sure these temps are correct.Thats alot of BS ::) It posted,and seems to run cool,so I can deal....

I have the 6300 oc @ 4.4g w/1.328v on cpu vore.I ran prime 95 for 6 hours.Viewing the results it passed.18C-49C max temps.I'm happy with these results,and it seems I have a stable clock.I think 4.4g should give me decent fps in most games,as this is my only concern :)

I had Hwmonitor  open as I ran Prime 95.The run cpu core voltage fluctuated on load it maxed @ 1.360v.Assuming this is the correct voltage on load,should I  subtract the difference? I know my idle voltage is 1.328v.Would the difference be the v-droop? 1.360-1.328 =.032 v-droop I have 3 options in the bios for LLC Manual,Auto,Extreme.I have it on auto,but would like to learn more....

I also need some good drivers for a  EVGA 560TI.I have not upgraded to new drivers lately,so any thoughts here are appreciated.
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