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mATX availability issue

mATX availability issue
« on: February 04, 2013, 01:37:10 pm »
I am currently building a custom PC inside a vintage radio cabinet and due to space issues I can only fint iin a mATX motherboard.  This didn't strike me as being an issue as I have owned a couple of AMD based mATX systems in the past so when I got the offer of a good deal on an FX-8350 Black Edition I jumped at it.  Now I wish I hadn't!!  My designs have incorporated front panel USB3 ports and ideally SATA 6Gb drives but it seems that the are absolutely no mobos available with mid-board USB3 headers and the newest SATA controllers.
Is this due to an issue with the latest 990 chipsets or is there simply no market for such a board?  I had hoped for something like an AM3+ equivalent of the Sniper M3 but to be honest I would settle for anything with the features I need. 

Are gigabyte planning any such board in the near future?