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Faulty Motherboard help required

Faulty Motherboard help required
« on: January 20, 2010, 10:33:23 pm »
I have a GA-X48-DS5 and I have been having problems with it since I purchased it but I have needed my PC so I have been unable to do anything about it until now.

Since new it has had a reboot problem immediately following any Windows problems such as system crashes or blue screen of death. If my PC is allowed to reboot or the reset switch is pressed after a system freeze or BSOD, when it reboots it corrupts my Bios and copies the backup Bios to restore it losing all my settings. This has happened many times and I am fed up with it.

This means I have had to disable automatic reboot on errors such as BSOD as it would corrupt my Bios and mean I have to re-setup my Bios and saved settings. I have to power off my system for a few minutes and when booting it I have to watch to make sure it does not power off and on, which it sometimes does, as this indicates that it will corrupt the Bios.

I purchased a new Satellite TV card at Christmas and after installing it I decided to test the recording accuracy for errors in the transport stream as my Satellite dish is not very good. So I left it recording and went out. When I came back to it, it had Blue Screened and after checking the recorded Transport Stream length it must of been on a Blue screen for at least 4 hours, the monitor would of been in standby otherwise. I have a CRT monitor as they don't have the problems that I can see with LCD screens but as you may know CRT's can be sensitive to screen burn in a similar way to Plasma screens. After having a Blue screen/white text for 4 hours my screen now has a slight blue tinge to it at the edges which was not there before. So I am pretty angry as this is due to this motherboard not allowing an automatic reboot to be permitted which would of saved my screen from wear and slight screen burn. It was the TV card which Blue screened the PC as it has done it since while using it so the drivers are not working very well but that is no excuse for the corruption of my Bios by this motherboard.

If this wasn't enough the motherboard clock is less reliable than a 50 pence digital watch losing several minutes a week. Internet time updates have been disabled and the motherboard battery has been replaced with no improvement.

So it seems I have a faulty motherboard which can pass quality control but not work 100% correctly.

So is there anything that should be checked or that can be done to correct all this or is RMA the only option?

GA-X48-DS5 motherboard
Q9450 Core 2 Quad at default speed very occasionally overclocked to 3.5GHz but this is not when the problem occurs
OCZ Vendetta CPU heatsink
Gigabyte GV-RX385512H
5 SATA Hard drives, 80GB Seagate, 250GB Seagate, 500GB Western Digital, 500GB Samsung, 1TB Samsung
Corsair HX520 PSU
2 DVD+-RW, Benq and NEC
Mystique PCI-e Dual DVB-S2 TV Sat card
Pinnacle PCI Dual DVB-T Card
mCubed T Balancer Fan Controller
floppy drive


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Re: Faulty Motherboard help required
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2010, 04:13:22 pm »
You can request an RMA  email here,