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990FXA-UD3 Rev 3.0, issues unlocking AMD Phenom II x4 960t black edition

Hey I'm new to the forums as it's my first time owning a Gigabyte product. I recently purchased the 990FXA-UD3 to replace my cheap MSI board for my phenom II 960t BE. I have successfully unlocked the hidden cores on my CPU on my old roommates Asus m4a88m mobo in the past and had hoped to accomplish so on my new UD3 board. However every time I set unlock core to enabled and reset I get this screen (picture attached). I cannot access the bios during post when this occurs resulting in me having to shut down and clear the CMOS. I'm hoping someone can help enlighten me if I'm doing something wrong or if this board/bios just cannot unlock the cores. I am running bios version FB. Hope someone can help, thanks in advance.

Hey there, I hope to get some kind of response soon. Here's an update, I got a hold of my old roomies board and hooked it all up to get proof that my CPU can unlock, just not on the Gigabyte board. Help is more then appreciated.

I have a phenom b50 and rev 3 of this mobo. A quick solution would be to unlock up to 3 cores per cpu only. I have tested it with prime95 for 1-2 hours.