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Notebook and Netbook changes platform...


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Notebook and Netbook changes platform...
« on: February 15, 2010, 07:05:23 pm »
Hi All, just a quick overview

Notebook / Ultra Thin platform :
Montevina      --> Calpella

The Calpella will be based on a 2-chip solution, based on the i-3, i-5 and i-7.
Using Dual-Core and Quad-Core power.
DDR3 memory support only!
FSB now becomes QPI (Quick Path Interconnect)

Netbook :
Diamondville   --> Pine Trail-M

The new Pine Trail-M will be based on the new Atom N450 and N470, replacing the N270 and N280 Atom processors.

As Intel start to integrate more into the CPU, like the graphics and memory controller, thus giving more power effective products and eliminating bottlenecking, therefore increasing performance.

Notebook technology is moving at a very rapid pace.
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