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MotherboardB f2a85x-d3h can't change bios settings BLOCKED!! for overclocking

hi,   i was trying to overclock my CPU amd a10-5800k
by changing the settings in the BIOS right  but all CPU and memory
setting are blocked : when i select one and press ENTER   nothing !!
it 's like   access denied        so  did i miss something or what ?

i got to mention that i bought this MB 2 days ago, i've updated the BIOS from F1  to F2 ( but didn't try this operation
before update so can't help)

some help will very appreciated

and by the way some help for overclocking my system : CPU a10-5800k  + MB gigabyte f2a85x-d3h
appreciated too
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Overclocking wise you can get good gains on the GPU side.
RAM speed and GPU speed will bring increases in games in good amounts.
The GPU side will also bring most of the heat so be careful with cooling.

The CPU side can be overclocked ,but gains are not extraordinary.
Over & Out !

AMD FX (APU-s included) users should install - KB2645594 & KB2646060 under Windows 7

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