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Hello !

Hello !
« on: March 15, 2013, 08:46:38 am »
Hi everybody,

Jacques, 62, just finishing studies in university (2033 => 2012 Hindi + Français Langue Etrangère), looking for a job.

In between I want to train on  LinuxMint : I have interest in [ html - css - sql - php ] and graphism 2D and 3D. So I need a more powerful computer. This is a good reason to be among you.

Sorry for my bad English (and you can not hear my accent... ;))

Dual boot Linux Mint 14 Nadia / W Xp-sp3 - Asus P5G41-TM LX3 P4 3ghz - Ram 4g. Dual boot Linux Mint 14 Nadia / W7 on Eeepc 1005HA - Ram 2g.

I love India - I like languages (I love Hindi), IT, cooking, travels. My job : I teach French to foreigners.