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ddr3 gskill 1866 & 2400 timings overclocking


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ddr3 gskill 1866 & 2400 timings overclocking
« on: March 17, 2013, 07:54:37 pm »

So I have been clocking some ram and checking the timings on two sets. 16 gb ripjaws and trident x. Both work on the same timings. 10-11-10-30 t2 for ddr3-1866 & 10-11-10-30 t2 for (1866) 11-11-11-30 t2 for (2133) on ddr3-2400 trident x. This is on a gigabyte board 990fxa-ud7. So the timings for 1866 and 2400 work the same. The voltage is 1.5v on each set of chips. No as for the trident x going to 2400, I have reached 2200 but it crashes the box, and gives a mbr corrupt error, but it is not, just need to reset some stuff then you can boot again as normal.

I got the ddr3-2400 to post at 2201 before it locked up. So this is just in case anyone wanted to know. There isn't really that many folks posting their timings on how they get ram that high to post and run. But if you use the spd and adjust your nb to allow the ram to run you will be able to get the ram stable. ddr3-2400 can run on a gigabyte board with piledriver, you just have to tweak it.
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